So... What's different about Cinema Advertising?

Cinema audiences are captive, attentive and usually appreciative. Cinema advertising offers advertisers the incredible opportunity to reach and engage consumers on a personal level. The cinema is an experience, consisting of many elements from 'previews to popcorn' and the advertising is very much part of this total entertainment package. The cinema-goer is out of the home spending money. They enjoy more expendable income, have active lifestyles and are a fashion conscious group - who are harder to reach with mainstream media.

Cinemas do not offer distractions. Your advertisement is brought to life on the big screen using the latest digital playback and projection technology, and surround sound speakers deliver your message to everyone. Unlike other advertising media, ad avoidance is minimal equating to a higher recall of your advertisement. Attention levels are unrivalled and advertising messages are usually watched, listened to and absorbed within the cinema environment. Cinema advertising may also be linked to certain categories of film, MA rated or children's, or even to specific film titles. All this allows the smaller, local advertiser to appear on the big screen at very affordable rates. What's more, production costs, using the facilities offered in-house, are surprisingly low. Again, this opens the door on cinema to the smaller advertiser.

Corporate marketing studies show that long term repetition builds reputation. Accordingly, the majority of our bookings are long term 6 month campaigns. However, shorter terms are available. Your audience is relaxed, comfortable, and ready to be entertained. Their full attention is yours. As the audience are relaxing in leisure-time mode it makes them highly receptive to the messages displayed on the screen. Worldwide independent research concludes that such a captive audience produces advertising recall that is up to five times greater than that elicited by television commercials.

What other medium can present your advertising message without distraction?

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